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Widely regarded as one of the most diverse action photographers in the world, Todd Warshaw has covered thousands of marquee sporting events and is fast emerging as a preeminent underwater photographer. Spanning the globe, from the frigid arctic waters of the Bering Sea to the welcoming waters of the South Pacific, Warshaw has more than 1500 dives under his belt.

Unfailing with people, Warshaw embraces an ageless and positive spirit—his instincts are those of an athlete. Whether wrestling heavy equipment in rough seas, enduring desert heat, or trudging waist deep through snow banks, the surreal beauty and abstraction in his photographs is every bit as intended as it is suspenseful. Equally adept across multiple styles, his images reveal an uncanny graphics sense with a sublime, artistic reverence for light and shadow.

His longtime friends are constantly astounded as to his frenetic travel schedule, but for Todd Warshaw the world is a small place when viewed through a lens and nothing seems out of reach.

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